Superpeer Widgets Integrate with your Website!

    Integrate your Superpeer profile and booking page seamlessly in under 5 minutes

    Superpeer’s new Widgets feature is a quick and easy way to integrate your whole Superpeer profile, or just your booking page, anywhere on your website.

    Easily encourage people to book calls with you and subscribe to your channel

    By adding your Superpeer profile or booking page to your website, you give your audience, clients, and fans the option to book time with you or register for your next livestream without leaving the page. The fewer steps it takes to get from A to B, the more likely they are to take the leap!

    Choose what type of widget fits your vibe, and then just paste the code!

    A “Contact Me” section on your website is a great place to use the Inline Embed widget. This style of widget lets you embed your whole profile or booking screen in the body of the page.

    If you prefer an option that won’t impact the layout of your website, check out the Pop-up and Slide-in options!

    You can customize your widget however you like, from how it looks, to where it leads, right from your Superpeer dashboard.

    Want to know more? Check out our Widgets Homepage!


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