Video Editor and Copywriter

    Superpeer is a community-run marketplace for professionals (superpeers) to showcase what they love and for mentees (peers) to learn anything. At Superpeer we believe that the two best feelings in the world are the feeling of fulfillment when you help others and the feeling of satisfaction that comes when you accomplish a goal. If you are looking to grow or contribute to someone else's growth then Superpeer is the team for you.

    For the past year, we have been helping creators, career coaches, teachers, business professionals launch their Superpeer channel to attract and grow their paying subscribers/followers/mentees through the use of the Superpeer platform. Within 2 minutes Superpeers can sign up, add a photo and short description and have their own unique url to share with their followers to subscribe to their channel, attend live streams, virtual events, and 1:1s. Many of our Superpeers are already making thousands of dollars in monthly income as a side hustle. And the best part is seeing the tangible impact we are making on thousands of people’s lives from all the amazing learning that takes place in the community.

    The best way to describe Superpeer is to ask yourself, “what is something that I wish I were better at or that I want to learn more about?” On Superpeer you can learn and get better at that thing because you will be learning from someone who is an expert practitioner. It is the missing link to go from the strategy to accomplishment; by having a mentor, coach, and community to show you the way and help with accountability you will unlock your potential and achieve your learning goals.

    Role summary
    We’re looking for a Video Editor and Copywriter to help create engaging content that establishes Superpeer as the go-to platform for learning and mentorship. This role will be responsible for all video creative throughout the acquisition and retention funnel; so will include tutorial and testimonial videos for the homepage, email and social media channels, Facebook and youtube video ads, and even help with individual mentor trailers and content editing. The ideal candidate has a creative mind to come up with video concepts and scrips that will thrive in each individual channel and a strong technical ability to execute that vision through consistent video content releases. They will work closely with the Social Media and Content Marketing lead to help establish Superpeer as a thought leader in learning and mentoring. Initially, this role will report directly to the CMO.

    If you love leading, producing, and editing fun and engaging video content and you love helping people grow and contribute to others’ lives then this is the perfect role for you.


    • Be responsible for developing, editing, and creating content
    • Use a variety of technical skills and software to complete production, including Final Cut Pro Adobe Premiere, and After Effects
    • Add graphics, audio, digitally improve picture quality, and ensure videos meet brand guidelines
    • Help develop the company’s brand guidelines for each channel
    • Work well in a team environment, and provide editorial guidance in pre-shoot meetings, on-site or set, and in post-production
    • Be able to manage multiple projects while also meeting project deadlines
    • Have experience creating video shorts, mashups, top 10 lists, digital snippets, as well as long-form videos or commercials
    • Upload video to a shared storage location and/or our social media channels
    • Possess outstanding organization skills. Your organization drives your ability to successfully edit video and meet deadlines
    • Enough copywriting experience to be effective at video scripting
    • Knowledge of media production, communication, and dissemination techniques and methods.
    • Execute on at least 4 videos / week


    • 2-4 years working in video editing
    • 1+ years working with marketers to create promo style video ads
    • 1+ years in a copywriting capacity
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Expertise with roadmap planning and execution
    • Extremely self-motivated, optimistic, hard-charging, and excited to take on new challenges

    Values you hold dear

    • You love contributing to others growth both internally within the organization and externally through the product offering
    • You care deeply about people and believe that having great working relationships is the key to a fun and fulfilling work environment
    • You have a growth mindset so you are always asking “what am I to learn from this situation” and “what new projects can I take on to grow personally and professionally”
    • You never point fingers and instead look in the mirror to figure out what you could do better.

    Interested candidates may reach out to with their resume and include the word “candidate” in the subject line.

    Superpeer is a fully remote organization. This is a full-time employment position.