Superpeer Launch Series

    The Superpeer team has been hard at work on our very latest (and very exciting) addition to the Superpeer platform: Series!

    So, what’s a Series?

    Series is the new (ahem, better) way to host an online event series or cohort-based course. It's a completely customizable way to package and sell content to your audience, instead of piece by piece.

    Do you want to host a class about problem-solving in the workplace? Make it a Series. Do you want to present guided meditation videos to your followers? Make it a Series. Do you want to live stream makeup tutorials and do a Q&A? Make it a Series. You get the picture – it’s super flexible.

    If you have a collection of content, or a great idea for a livestream class, event, or podcast, then Series is the key to unlocking its potential. It’s the modern way to exchange knowledge, connect with your subscribers, and make money doing what you love.

    You can package your Series in many different ways

    ✓ Streams: a livestream

    ✓ Premiere: a live viewing of a pre-recorded video with a live chat function (users watch it alongside you and ask questions, give feedback, etc.)

    ✓On-Demand: a pre-recorded video content that users can watch whenever they want

    ✓A combination of the above

    You’ll always have full control over your Series: the format, the pricing, the availability, the class size, the offering. Your audience must be registered to gain access to your Series and pay your set fees upfront. Your Series is recorded and stored on your Superpeer dashboard, so you can continue to sell content after you’ve done your live events – you can even tweak the price.

    The world can be an uncertain place – don’t worry, you can reschedule (or even cancel) your Series at any time. We’ve got you.

    Why Series?

    Whether you’re a business owner with insights to impart, an entrepreneur with passions to share, an expert with knowledge to spread, an avid traveller with stories to tell, an influencer with products to launch – and everyone in between – Series can help you get the paid viewership you deserve.

    Check out some of our Superpeers (featured on the homepage) who are the very first mentors to create a Series for themselves. You’ll see their offerings are diverse, interesting, and unique – just like what you can bring to your Series, too.

    Love what you do? Make a Series about it.


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