Superpeer Integrates with Zoom

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    There’s been a lot of exciting stuff happening behind the scenes at Superpeer, like that you can now connect your Zoom account and use it to host your Superpeer 1:1 calls!

    What’s in it for you?

    We love our built-in video call platform on Superpeer, but we want to give our Superpeer hosts options when it comes to hosting 1:1 calls. That’s why we’ve chosen to add Zoom to the mix. We’ve made it just as easy to host your video call on Zoom as it is on our own platform. You just have to connect your Zoom account from your Superpeer dashboard.

    It’s easy peasy

    We’ll do the hard work for you, like including your Zoom meeting link in emails to your 1:1 callers and in your calendar events. Plus, your Superpeer calls will be added to your upcoming Zoom meetings calendar, so if you use Zoom a lot for work or play, you can see your schedule in one place.

    App or browser options

    You can use Zoom in your browser for your 1:1 calls or download the app for Windows or macOS and go from there. There are also mobile apps, but we’d recommend sticking to your laptop or PC for the best user experience.

    Don’t worry, it’s optional

    If you’re used to Superpeer’s video call platform and don’t want to use Zoom, you can relax – it’s here to stay, we just want to give you more choices so that you have the best experience on Superpeer that’s customisable to you. If you try Zoom and then decide you prefer our platform, you can easily disconnect Zoom with the click of a button and go back to hosting your calls on Superpeer.

    If you’d like to try hosting your next 1:1 on Zoom, see how to easily set up Zoom on your Superpeer account.


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