Superpeer Brand Networks

    We are proud to announce a new feature we’ve spent the last three months developing and are launching in partnership with Product Hunt.

    Now you can reach your favorite Product Hunt Mentor, as easily as 2 clicks. You don’t need an introduction to connect with them!

    We are so excited to let founders, designers, developers around the world know that, now they have access to best minds in the world from wherever they are. You no longer need to network in San Francisco to have access to best product advice.

    If your brand could create a list of experts or mentors to help your community, please Sign up at the end of this post.

    What is a Superpeer Brand Network?

    We call it Brand Networks, because it is for brands to create their network of Superpeers, generate more traffic, more revenue for them and in return share a portion of that revenue.

    How does it work?

    Let’s say you have a beauty website that gets a million unique visits a month. Maybe .5% of those visitors could use some help from a beauty professional, and could pay $25 for a 15 minute call. That’s 50k calls, and $15 million in annual revenue. With brand-network, you can now capture this new revenue, and share with your network of Superpeers!

    The management dashboard looks like this:

    How does it look on my site?

    Once you invite your Superpeers, they will each have their unique link, using those links you should create a section on your website or application. ProductHunt made a new section on their top menu, and inside they created a page for their mentors:

    That’s basically it. No deep integration is needed, we will take it over from there and take care of rescheduling, cancellations, refunds and transfers.

    How do I share revenue?

    When you invite a Superpeer to your network, you decide on how revenue is shared:

    The revenue share is completely up to you and the Superpeer. If your brand is generating a lot of calls for your network, it allows for higher revenue per member, and industry standard these days is about 30–50%.

    Who can I invite?

    [Updated on Nov, 23] Brand networks are open to users in 65 countries. All you need is a local bank account.


    If you have a site or your own app and you’d like to create your own Superpeer Brand Network, please fill this form and we will be in touch shortly.

    Thanks for reading, and please follow us on @superpeer for updates 🌼

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