Superpeer Careers

Superpeer is a community-run marketplace for professionals (superpeers) to showcase what they love and for mentees (peers) to learn anything. At Superpeer we believe that the two best feelings in the world are the feeling of fulfillment when you help others and the feeling of satisfaction that comes when you accomplish a goal. If you are looking to grow or contribute to someone else's growth then Superpeer is the team for you.

For the past year, we have been helping creators, career coaches, teachers, business professionals launch their Superpeer channel to attract and grow their paying subscribers/followers/mentees through the use of the Superpeer platform. Within 2 minutes Superpeers can sign up, add a photo and short description and have their own unique url to share with their followers to subscribe to their channel, attend live streams, virtual events, and 1:1s. Many of our Superpeers are already making thousands of dollars in monthly income as a side hustle. And the best part is seeing the tangible impact we are making to thousands of people’s lives from all the amazing learning that takes place in the community.

The best way to describe Superpeer is to ask yourself, “what

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Dropping Our Fees to 0% and Opening Our Doors to 65 Countries with TransferWise

We’re very happy to let you know today that we’ve dropped our platform fees to zero percent. Yes ZERO percent.

In the past, we included ~12% on top of all calls to account for platform fees (this was Superpeer’s revenue) and we charged 3% for credit card fees, which went to Stripe. As of today, we’re dropping Superpeer fees to 0% and we will only charge Stripe credit card fees for 1:1 calls. We hope that this change will make Superpeers more engaged and even more accessible to their communities.

In a few weeks, we’ll be releasing two more major updates, and those will explain why we’ve decided to drop our fees. While we can’t say much about those announcements right now, we can’t wait to share them with you very soon!

We are opening up to the rest of the world!

Starting with 65 countries, and soon to be 220!

Ever since our launch in March 2020, we’ve had countless people, from all over the world, reach out to us about enabling Superpeer in their country: From India, China, Brazil, Turkey, Russia amongst many others. Today, we’re ready

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Superpeer Brand Networks

We are proud to announce a new feature we’ve spent the last three months developing and are launching in partnership with Product Hunt.

Now you can reach your favorite Product Hunt Mentor, as easily as 2 clicks. You don’t need an introduction to connect with them!

We are so excited to let founders, designers, developers around the world know that, now they have access to best minds in the world from wherever they are. You no longer need to network in San Francisco to have access to best product advice.

If your brand could create a list of experts or mentors to help your community, please Sign up at the end of this post.

What is a Superpeer Brand Network?

We call it Brand Networks, because it is for brands to create their network of Superpeers, generate more traffic, more revenue for them and in return share a portion of that revenue.

How does it work?

Let’s say you have a beauty website that gets a million unique visits a month. Maybe .5% of those visitors could use some help from a beauty professional, and could pay $25 for a 15 minute call. That’s 50k calls,

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