Discord Integration for your Superpeer Channel!

Discord Integration for your Superpeer Channel!

Build your Superpeer subscriber community with Discord Integration

Growing from the gamer side of the internet, this year Discord has taken the world by storm! A great way to connect with your community outside of streams, Discord offers a host of services in a completely customizable package.

Discord Integrates with your Superpeer channel subscriptions!

We’re so excited to announce that Superpeer hosts can create vibrant, thriving Discord communities that are completely integrated with Superpeer! We take care of the back end so you never have to worry about managing your Discord server. Superpeer adds your subscribers automatically and removes them when their subscription ends.

Keep it open to all your subscribers, or make an exclusive community just for your paid subs!

Superpeer and Discord give you all the tools you need to assign different levels of access to your free, monthly, annual and Superfan subscribers, all automatically! All you need to do is set up a Discord server (or use an existing one!) and integrate it with Superpeer right from your dashboard.

Keep your subscribers up to date and engaged!

Integrating Discord with your Superpeer channel helps you build your community exactly the way you envision it! Get instant

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Superpeer Integrates with Zoom

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There’s been a lot of exciting stuff happening behind the scenes at Superpeer, like that you can now connect your Zoom account and use it to host your Superpeer 1:1 calls!

What’s in it for you?

We love our built-in video call platform on Superpeer, but we want to give our Superpeer hosts options when it comes to hosting 1:1 calls. That’s why we’ve chosen to add Zoom to the mix. We’ve made it just as easy to host your video call on Zoom as it is on our own platform. You just have to connect your Zoom account from your Superpeer dashboard.

It’s easy peasy

We’ll do the hard work for you, like including your Zoom meeting link in emails to your 1:1 callers and in your calendar events. Plus, your Superpeer calls will be added to your upcoming Zoom meetings calendar, so if you use Zoom a lot for work or play, you can see your schedule in one place.

App or browser options

You can use Zoom in your browser for your 1:1 calls or download the app for Windows or macOS

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Superpeer Launch Series

The Superpeer team has been hard at work on our very latest (and very exciting) addition to the Superpeer platform: Series!

So, what’s a Series?

Series is the new (ahem, better) way to host an online event series or cohort-based course. It's a completely customizable way to package and sell content to your audience, instead of piece by piece.

Do you want to host a class about problem-solving in the workplace? Make it a Series. Do you want to present guided meditation videos to your followers? Make it a Series. Do you want to live stream makeup tutorials and do a Q&A? Make it a Series. You get the picture – it’s super flexible.

If you have a collection of content, or a great idea for a livestream class, event, or podcast, then Series is the key to unlocking its potential. It’s the modern way to exchange knowledge, connect with your subscribers, and make money doing what you love.

You can package your Series in many different ways

✓ Streams: a livestream

✓ Premiere: a live viewing of a pre-recorded video with a live chat function (users watch it alongside you and ask questions, give feedback, etc.)


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