New Live Stream Video Chat Features Added

    We’re so excited to launch our new video chat features that will empower you and your audience with seamless live experiences enabling the best interactions with your audience. These new features will give you the flexibility to manage your live audience with ease.

    Here are 8 new features that you and your audience will love:

    · New tabs for different types of chat messages (Chat, Questions and Starred messages): Online discussions can get very long and messy if not organized well. Different tabs for each type will help you and your audience to engage in the conversation efficiently.

    · Raise hand: The most important rule of online discussions is “one person at a time”. Asking the audience to raise hand before they speak will help maintain a meaningful conversation throughout the session.

    · Mark a comment as a “question”: Some comments may be hard to respond if not classified well, marking a comment as a question can help you in finding the best possible answers.

    · Mark a question as answered: When you are asked too many questions, it’s always best to mark the ones you’ve already answered so that you don’t confuse answering a question twice.

    · Star a chat message: If you’d like to mark or highlight a message that you think is valuable or would like to come back later in the session, you may use this feature.

    · Search participants: An easy and simple way for you to find your participants during the session

    · Block someone in the chat: For the benefit of the larger audience, sometimes you would need this feature to reduce disruption during your session.

    · Invite someone to stage: The best way to get everybody’s attention towards someone speaking is to invite the person speaking on ‘stage’. It empowers the speaker and also encourages others to engage.

    At Superpeer, we believe in empowering others. We don’t want technology to come in the way of the value you deliver to your audience. At the end of your session, we want you and your audience to sign off feeling fulfilled and empowered to make a difference in someone else’s life.

    Our teams have been working their best to ensure you have the most wonderful experience with your live audience. There are more surprises coming your way. Stay tuned! :)


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