How to Successfully Launch your Superpeer Channel

    Bringing your audience to a new platform can be challenging, so keep these tips in mind when launching your Superpeer Channel to maximize your chances of success!

    💁 Complete your profile & upload an intro video!

    Let your audience know about you, your channel, and what type of content they’re signing up for when they subscribe to your channel. If you’re going to enable paid subscriptions, let your audience know what a paid subscription will get them.

    Upload a short profile video. Even just 30-60 seconds can help get your audience excited about your channel. Superpeer is a video-first platform, so what better way to introduce your channel than with a video!

    Don’t forget to add your social media links!

    🗓️ Plan out your content for the next few weeks

    Before asking your audience to subscribe, it’s best to have at least your next few events scheduled. Subscribing to an empty profile page is a big ask, so let your audience know what’s coming up, what they can register for and get excited about!

    Keep in mind, it can take a bit longer to launch your channel than you might expect, so give yourself at least a week or two before your first live event to announce your channel and invite your audience to register!

    🤔 Create a content strategy

    Having a content strategy is always a good idea, especially when launching a new channel. You need something to draw people in and get them to stay.

    One strategy we’ve seen work well so far is to launch your channel with a big free livestream, then follow with paid or subscriber only events.

    Attract people to your first free stream by posing a question. The stream should provide something of real value to your audience, something that they may not get from your regular youtube or social media content. Think about it this way, your stream should give your audience a taste of the answer, but leave them excited and wanting to know more. That’s when you direct them to pay for a subscription to your channel so you can explore the topic together in your upcoming streams.

    By streaming frequently and mixing free and paid events, you can start to build your free subscriber audience, and convert them to paid subscribers as the FOMO sets in. Remember, you can always add a freemium option so your audience can watch for free but pay to interact!

    💸 Set up your subscription options

    Before launching your channel, make sure you’ve set up your paid subscription options. You can choose whether you only want to offer monthly subscriptions, or open it up to annual subscriptions too.

    Deciding on a pricing strategy can seem daunting at first, but know your worth, know your target audience, and know what you’re offering.

    One way you can up your subscription price is to include a Discord server for your paid subscribers only. By integrating Discord, you can offer your subscribers a community between your live events. Check out our blog post on Discord integrations to know more!

    📣 Promote your first free stream across all of your channels

    No one knows your channel and your audience like you do, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to promoting your Superpeer channel. These are some of the strategies we’ve seen work well!

    📺 Introduce your Superpeer channel in at least a few Youtube videos and/or livestreams

    Keep in mind, you’re promoting your own channel, not doing an ad read for some company you don’t know or care about. Your audience is there because they like you, so let them know that they’ll get to know you even more by signing up for your stream on Superpeer!

    🔗 Add your Superpeer URL everywhere that counts!

    Add your Superpeer URL wherever you’re listing your other social media URLs! Include it in your social media bios, video descriptions, email signatures, etc, etc, etc.

    🤳 Post about it!

    Invite your audience to register for your livestream in a few posts across all your social media channels. We’ve seen great responses from Instagram stories, so consider posting a few stories leading up to your free stream date! Build the excitement!

    🗞 Send out a Newsletter!

    If you’ve got a mailing list, personally invite everyone on your list to come register for your livestream. These are likely already your biggest fans, so don’t forget about them!

    📄 Create a landing page on your website all about your Superpeer channel

    If you’ve got a website, it can be a great place to create a custom landing page all about your Superpeer channel. Check out the landing pages a couple of our Superpeers have made! Beyondtheguitar & Femke.Design

    Ready to launch your channel? Check out our Channel Launch Checklist here!

    Best of luck and happy streaming!


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