Earn Extra Income with Superpeer’s Referral & Affiliate Programs!

    It Pays to Help Superpeer Hosts Grow Their Channels!

    Superpeer is so excited to announce our new ✨ Referral and Affiliate Programs! ✨ There’s no application process, forms to sign, or any other requirement… Anyone can be part of the program!

    Read on to see how you can help the Superpeer community grow, and earn a little income for your trouble!

    🤝 Referral Program!

    If you know someone who would make a great Superpeer host, you can now refer them to Superpeer and earn a commission on their channel!

    Referring someone is as easy as copying your referral link from your dashboard, and sharing it with your network. Whenever someone signs up using your link, you earn a 3% bonus on all their stream, series, and channel subscription revenue for the next 6 months, up to $3000!

    What’s in it for them?

    Anyone you refer to Superpeer earns 10% more on their stream, series and channel subscription revenue, up to $100!

    🙌 Affiliate Program!

    What about existing hosts? Well, that’s why we came up with the affiliate program.

    Superpeer’s affiliate program lets you help promote content by any Superpeer host, and earn a 3% bonus on any sales you help bring in!

    All you have to do is add ?via= followed by your username, to any stream or series URL, and share it with your network. Then, when someone registers for the event, you get a 3% commission on the amount they paid!

    What’s in it for the hosts I help promote?

    They get more subscribers, sell more tickets, and grow their audience!

    Want to learn more? Check out our new referrals page and help article for all the details!


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