Discord Integration for your Superpeer Channel!

    Build your Superpeer subscriber community with Discord Integration

    Growing from the gamer side of the internet, this year Discord has taken the world by storm! A great way to connect with your community outside of streams, Discord offers a host of services in a completely customizable package.

    Discord Integrates with your Superpeer channel subscriptions!

    We’re so excited to announce that Superpeer hosts can create vibrant, thriving Discord communities that are completely integrated with Superpeer! We take care of the back end so you never have to worry about managing your Discord server. Superpeer adds your subscribers automatically and removes them when their subscription ends.

    Keep it open to all your subscribers, or make an exclusive community just for your paid subs!

    Superpeer and Discord give you all the tools you need to assign different levels of access to your free, monthly, annual and Superfan subscribers, all automatically! All you need to do is set up a Discord server (or use an existing one!) and integrate it with Superpeer right from your dashboard.

    Keep your subscribers up to date and engaged!

    Integrating Discord with your Superpeer channel helps you build your community exactly the way you envision it! Get instant feedback on content ideas, get people hyped for your next stream or series, offer exclusive perks for your paid subscribers, be there with your community when and where they need you most!
    Want to know more? Check out our Discord Help Article!


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