3 Tips on How to Increase Engagement with your Virtual Audience!

    Congratulations on getting started with your Superpeer account. We hope you are having the best live experience with your audience.

    Virtual sessions can be challenging sometimes, especially when it comes to engaging with your audience and getting them to actively participate. People get distracted and bored easily during online sessions. It’s always good to understand how your audience is engaging with you and the content you provide.

    These 3 tips will keep your audience at the edge of their seats throughout the session.

    Start with the 60 Second Rule

    Never jump into the solutions until your audience has understood the problem. Spend some time with the problem. Make it relatable. Spark curiosity to make them think about it. You may share some interesting facts, statistics or ask questions that might be relatable to their situation, or resonate with their values and beliefs. This will help them own the problem and be intrigued to find the solution.

    Take short breaks

    Giving your audience some time to relax is good for both you and them. Taking short breaks allows people to recharge their energy and spike their enthusiasm. How many breaks you take, and how long they are should depend on the duration of your session. Don’t assign tasks during breaks, let them relax, stretch, get a coffee, etc. Some people play music during breaks, just to lighten the vibe.

    Always do icebreakers or check-ins

    Online sessions can be more exhausting than face to face sessions due to the level of attention you need to invest to get the most out of it. Ice breakers are great to get your audience more engaged, open up and share their ideas and experience, and become more creative in their thought process. Virtual icebreakers could be different depending on the demographic and interest of your audience, like body stretching, brainstorming a fun party with a “Yes and…” approach, etc.

    Share with us how your experience on Superpeer has been so far. What challenges have you faced and what improvements would you like to see with regard to your sessions? We are all here to learn from one another and help each other in this journey of learning and empowering others. There are more tips and techniques coming your way. Thank you for journeying with us!


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