Congratulations on getting started with your Superpeer account. We hope you are having the best live experience with your audience.

Virtual sessions can be challenging sometimes, especially when it comes to engaging with your audience and getting them to actively participate. People get distracted and bored easily during online sessions. It’s always good to understand how your audience is engaging with you and the content you provide.

These 3 tips will keep your audience at the edge of their seats throughout the session.

Start with the 60 Second Rule

Never jump into the solutions until your audience has understood the problem. Spend some time with the problem. Make it relatable. Spark curiosity to make them think about it. You may share some interesting facts, statistics or ask questions that might be relatable to their situation, or resonate with their values and beliefs. This will help them own the problem and be intrigued to find the solution.

Take short breaks

Giving your audience some time to relax is good for both you and them. Taking short breaks allows people to recharge their energy and spike their enthusiasm. How many breaks you take, and how long they are should depend on

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New Live Stream Video Chat Features Added

We’re so excited to launch our new video chat features that will empower you and your audience with seamless live experiences enabling the best interactions with your audience. These new features will give you the flexibility to manage your live audience with ease.

Here are 8 new features that you and your audience will love:

· New tabs for different types of chat messages (Chat, Questions and Starred messages): Online discussions can get very long and messy if not organized well. Different tabs for each type will help you and your audience to engage in the conversation efficiently.

· Raise hand: The most important rule of online discussions is “one person at a time”. Asking the audience to raise hand before they speak will help maintain a meaningful conversation throughout the session.

· Mark a comment as a “question”: Some comments may be hard to respond if not classified well, marking a comment as a question can help you in finding the best possible answers.

· Mark a question as answered: When you are asked too many questions, it’s always best to mark the ones you’ve already answered so that you don’t confuse answering a question twice.

· Star a chat

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Superpeer Careers

Superpeer is a community-run marketplace for professionals (superpeers) to showcase what they love and for mentees (peers) to learn anything. At Superpeer we believe that the two best feelings in the world are the feeling of fulfillment when you help others and the feeling of satisfaction that comes when you accomplish a goal. If you are looking to grow or contribute to someone else's growth then Superpeer is the team for you.

For the past year, we have been helping creators, career coaches, teachers, business professionals launch their Superpeer channel to attract and grow their paying subscribers/followers/mentees through the use of the Superpeer platform. Within 2 minutes Superpeers can sign up, add a photo and short description and have their own unique url to share with their followers to subscribe to their channel, attend live streams, virtual events, and 1:1s. Many of our Superpeers are already making thousands of dollars in monthly income as a side hustle. And the best part is seeing the tangible impact we are making to thousands of people’s lives from all the amazing learning that takes place in the community.

The best way to describe Superpeer is to ask yourself, “what

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